A Text Editor that's trying to remove the pain of website building.

Thanks and Credits

The LIVEditor software project ( text editor for web developers) is not possible without the the following excellent, free and open source projects, and it's not possible without inspirations from some other awesome people, and I like to say thanks here. Note, the list is in no special order.

Firebug's Html Element Inspector

One of LIVEditor's prominent feautures is a html element inspector which makes editing and tweaking html/css much easier, and it's inspired by Firebug's html inspector. Firebug is developed by Firebug Working Group.

Scintilla - code editor component

LIVEditor's html/css/js code editing features, such as syntax highlighting, code folding, matching brace highlighting, etc, are based on Scintilla. Scintilla is an open source and free source code editing component with a lot of useful features, by Neil Hodgson and the contributors. Scintilla also powers Notepad ++

DScintilla - Delphi wrapper of Scintilla

Scintilla is an open source Delphi wrapper around Scintilla, by Krystian Bigaj and the contributors.

Chromium - open source web browser

LIVEditor's live preview feature is powered by Chromium (thus you get the exact same html render result as Google Chrome). Chromium is by Google and the contributors.

The Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)

To make the web front end development workflow smooth and integrated, LIVEditor has a webkit based, standard-compliant web browser embedded, and the underlying component is CEF. CEF makes embedding Chromium into native programs possible, It's by Marshall Greenblatt and the contributors.

Delphi Chromium Embedded - Delphi wrapper of CEF

Delphi Chromium Embedded makes using CEF (needed for live html preview, etc) in Delphi programs a lot easier. It's developed by Henri Gourvest and the contributors.

OmniThreadLibrary - Delphi Threading Library

LIVEditor is developed with speed and performance in mind, one of the approaches to archive that is multi-threading. OmniThreadLibrary makes writing multithreaded Delphi programs a lot easier. It's developed by Primoz Gabrijelcic and the contributors.

VirtualTreeview - Delphi Treeview Control

VirtualTreeview is an excellent treeview control which good performance and a lot of features. It's developed by Mike Lischke and the contributors.

Delphi Components by Klever on Delphi

LIVEditor uses some nice looking Delphi controls by Roy M Klever to implement the Google-Chrome-Style UI.

Bret Victor's Inventing On Principle Talk

Aside from Firebug, the idea of 'programming with instant feedbacks' and features found in LIVEditor is also inspired by Bret Victor's Inventing On Principle Presentation.

Andras Szente

Mr. Andras Szente generously gave me the liveditor.com domain which he owned previously for free :)