Adding Visual-Studio-like flexible multiple editor layout

By the original design, currently the main window of LIVEditor text editor is split into two parts vertically – on the left is the code editor (maybe be, html, css, js or plain text), on the right is the real-time web preview powered by webkit.

But it’s always useful, and sometimes needed, to have multiple code editor visible at the same time, like what we see in powerful IDE such as Visual Studio, especially if we can drag and drop to move and dock individual code editor inside the main window.

And it’s always useful, if we can drag and dock the html preview pane to the bottom of the window, than the window layout will be close Chrome’s Dev Tools or Firebug.

And yes, this is exactly what I’m working on. With such enhancements being added, in the future I’ll be able to implement new feature like ‘offline jsfiddle‘ 😉

Just in case you didn’t know, LIVEditor is a new text editor (for Windows) that integrates together a Firebug-inspired html inspector (for locating css styles faster and easier, with just one click), and a Chromium-based live html preview.