Lively inspect and edit a remote web page’s CSS styles – a quick, short LIVEditor demo video

LIVEditor doesn’t only allows you to edit local web pages  and CSS styles in real-time,

but you can also visit a URL  and start editing the web page and associated CSS styles lively.

Sounds familiar? That’s right, it’s like you use Firebug or Chrome’s Dev Tools to inspect and edit the web page you visiting in-place and in real-time, except that you have a handy text editor with html/css auto-complete to do the job, and no need to manually sync your changes back to your source css files.

I just made a quick video demonstrating this feature:

And the previous overview demo video is here.

You might also interested in my previous post about the CSS auto-complete function.

Interested? You can get informed about the release and the beta test – it’s coming soon (after the auto-complete for HTML is done)!