TypeScript makes me exciting – it’s what JavaScript should have been designed today

I’ve spent the last two days reading stuff about TypeScript since Microsoft announced it, it’s really interesting and promising, and it even makes me exciting 🙂

What’s TypeScript?

TypeScript’s goal is to make writing large scale JavaScript applications easier, by adding  some organization features to the JavaScript language, including:

  • Optional static typing, which makes code editor such as LIVEditor to implement better code completion functions easier, and makes it possible to check errors when you are coding but not until you run the code. This is hard for dynamic languages such as JavaScript.
  • Class declaration syntax that’s very similar to c#, Java, Object Pascal, etc.
  • Interfaces.
  • Modules.

With a background of C family of programming languages, I can definitely see how these language features can help structure application-scale JS code.

TypeScript Code Editor?

Although I’m not quite sure yet, I’d say LIVEditor would most likely will evolve into a code editor for TypeScript in the future, because I really think TS is what JS should have been designed today.