Edit and test CSS styles lively of a WordPress, Joomla or other remote sites are possible now with LIVEditor

It’s been really busy recently – I mean both of my personal life and the development of LIVEditor – my live hmtl/css/js editor project.

So it’s time to report some news.

Edit and test CSS styles for WordPress, Joomla, etc.

In addition to local html files, the live html preview feature in LIVEditor now supports remote websites – for example, a PHP-powered site, a WordPress site, or a Joomla CMS site.

This requires the local copies of the .css files used in your WP or Joomla sites.

How real-time css tweaking for WordPress works.

This is how it works when you tweak a WordPress site’s CSS styles in real-time:

  • You load your WordPress site in the web preview window, like using a web browser.
  • And you load the .css files that are used by the WP site in the code editors.
  • Start editing your css styles in the code editor and the web preview will reflect the changes lively!
That’s it.

Locate applied styles

And of course you can, like what you do with Firebug or Chrome’s Web Developer Tools, click a html element in the web preview window and it’ll tell you all css styles that are applied the that html element, and you can further click on any listed css selector or css attributes to locate the source code in the code editor.

Keep yourself updated!

 LIVEditor will change  the way you edit your css styles, html and JavaScript code. The software will be in beta soon, subscribe newsletter to get informed.