Sneak peak: The return of the ‘Recent Files’ list

So as you can read from my previous post,  I’m working on restoring LIVEditor to use  the original, simpler Google-Chrome-like, tabbed user interface.

And I’m also letting the ‘Recently opened files’ list come back:

Recent files list

PS, I must admit, adopting the Visual Studio-like docking UI (read complex) to the current version of LIVEditor web page editor was a wrong idea, and yes, I’m currently fixing it!

  • john.sharpe

    I hope your reversion to chrome-style UI will not prevent us from seeing our css files at the same time as our html and preview, and I hope you will also keep the css navigator function. These features were very helpful. Also it would be great if you include classes and id’s parsed by the CSS parser in the autocomplete function on the html side, once a linked stylesheet is identified. Finally are you planning to include any tools to 1) edit defined styles in multiple files in a parent project folder, or 2) validate html for missing or extra open/close tags? Thanks for a very great job so far.