New CSS style related features in Firebug 1.10

Firebug v1.10.0 just released few days ago, here are some new features related to CSS.

New Pseudo Element Support –


Previous versions of Firebug only supports :hover and :active states, now with v1.10 you can find the new :focus state in the Style menu.

pseudo CSS class - :focus

File Location for Computed Styles

Now the computed styles pane also displays the file and line of every attribute.

CSS Styles Tracing in Firebug

Edit @import Declarations Directly

@import  statements which use media queries can now be edited directly within the CSS tab.

Directly edit @import declarations in Firebug

For more info about Firebug v1.10, check sitepoint‘s blog post.

Testing and Editing CSS with LIVEditor is More Efficient

Just in case you don’t know, LIVEditor is a new text editor for editing html/css lively with a Firebug-like UI for inspecting, testing and editing css styles.