The Adobe Brackets IDE Project

It seems that recently the live programming idea (Which is LIVEditor‘s main theme) is hot.

One example is Adobe’s open source Brackets IDE project.

As stated in one of its github wiki page:

Currently, developers use tools like Firebug or the WebKit Web Inspector to inspect their page, debug problems, and try out quick tweaks to CSS properties in order to fix layout issues. Once they’re done, they then have to remember what they did and then go back to their editor to fix the problems in the source code.

This is exactly also one of LIVEditor‘s primary goals!

The Adobe brackets code editor is still in an early state (so is LIVEditor!) so I can’t thoroughly compare it with LIVEditor.

I can see one difference though – Adobe Brackets uses the external Chrome browser, while LIVEditor uses an embedded Chromium engine – in the same program.

Not sure about the pros and cons of these two approaches as of now, we’ll see 🙂