I always want LIVEditor to be a smart code editor for web authoring

I always want to my LIVEditor (code editor embedding a web browser and inspector like Firebug) to be smart.

What does a smart code editor mean?

Well, in LIVEditor’s case, the code-complete function should understand the structure of your html pages and css styles.

Furthermore, the code editor  should also understand the relationships between your html DOM and CSS? And this is important.

Why?  how about css refactoring and html refactoring. Well, I actually  have thoughts on that, but for now, I want to leave it for the future (but it’s very possible!)

A htm/css editor being smart is still all about code-complete in LIVEditor’s case.

In the last weeks I replenished my knowledge on language recognition, i.e. lexing, parsing, etc, and it’s really a great help!

Once the code-complete function I’m currently working on is roughly ready, I’ll release the beta.

Why not? People talk about release early, get feedback early, and I’m all for it.

LIVEditor always makes me exciting, and I want it to excites people those are interested in it as early as possible.