Some quick updates

Some quick updates:

It’s been extremely busy in the past ten days Ā – my wife just gave birth to my second boy, everything is OK and it’s really a wonderful thing! šŸ™‚

Preview before doing a text replaces

I’ll be still very busy in the upcoming weeks, once I find sometime, I will show Ā a demo of the ‘live text replace’ functions in LIVEditor.


Tweak CSS styles of WordPress Themes

And I’ll demonstrate how to use LIVEditor to efficiently tweak CSS styles for aĀ WordPress theme.

Tweaking the CSS of a WordPress theme using LIVEditor is like using Firebug, but you’ll be directly edit the localĀ style.css file, so you’ll don’t have to do any tediousĀ manual saving tasks needed when using Firebug (or Chrome’s Developer Tools).

Stay tuned!