Some quick updates

Some quick updates:

It’s been extremely busy in the past ten days ┬á– my wife just gave birth to my second boy, everything is OK and it’s really a wonderful thing! ­čÖé

Preview before doing a text replaces

I’ll be still very busy in the upcoming weeks, once I find sometime, I will show ┬áa demo of the ‘live text replace’ functions in LIVEditor.


Tweak CSS styles of WordPress Themes

And I’ll demonstrate how to use LIVEditor to efficiently tweak CSS styles for a┬áWordPress theme.

Tweaking the CSS of a WordPress theme using LIVEditor is like using Firebug, but you’ll be directly edit the local┬ástyle.css file, so you’ll don’t have to do any tedious┬ámanual saving tasks needed when using Firebug (or Chrome’s Developer Tools).

Stay tuned!