Espresso (css editor) for windows?

Some users are expecting LIVEditor to work like Espresso for Mac

Is LIVEditor looks like the Espresso css editor for Mac?

Well, this is starting interesting me after more and more people compare LIVEditor with Espresso (the well-known css editor for Mac OS X).

I mostly use Windows, so I don’t really know the Espresso css editor for Mac well, however I visited their website and checked out some screenshots and product descriptions, although LIVEditor’s original idea was

a lightweight css and html editor with a Firebug-like html inspector and  Webkit-based real-time preview

I had to say LIVEditor (for Windows) works like Espresso (for Mac OS X) in various perspectives, for example, the live preview, the css navigation pane, the live text searching and replace, the same goal of trying to making css editing workflow more smooth, and so on.

On the other hand, both LIVEditor (for Windows) and Espresso are trying to make css editing easy and fun,  and Espresso is really an amazing css editor and for sure I will look look into it in depth and borrow some ideas if possible 😉

So if you are looking for an Espresso css editor alternative for Windows, LIVEditor is worth checking out!