LIVEditor 1.0, flicker-free live preview, and the new Personal license option

LIVEditor 1.0 is out!

Download  is available, people who have pre-ordered a license please use update and register.

Not every web developer write their own code editor, but that’s what I’ve been doing in the past 2 years ūüôā

My initial goal is to have a text editor, a web browser and a Firebug-like html inspector fully integrated, so that the web front end development workflow can be much smooth and handy.

The most important improvement is that the html/css real-time preview is now flicker-less.

Plus other 4 new functions, 14 enhancements,  and 14 bugfixes since the last beta release. Click here for details.

New Personal license option with a lower price

In addition to the Commercial license, a new Personal license model is now available with a lower price, and an introductory 40% off discount is available and will be valid through Dec 15, 2013. Take the chance  now!