What would the future of JavaScript – ECMAScript 6 code look like?

When JavaScript was being designed byĀ Netscape, writing large scale application was not one of its goals, and that shortcoming is usually one of the reasons people complain about JS.

Fortunately, the problem will be solved in the near future – yes, unfortunately not now šŸ™

It’sĀ ECMAScript 6, it’s the upcoming standard for JavaScript , the spec is currently being worked on by people from various web browser vendors and other parties interested in it.

So what will it look like when coding in EC 6?Ā The Sencha blog has a very good writing on this topic, the authorĀ Ariya Hidayat Ā gives concise code examples for each new language features, such as the new let and const keywords, arrow functions, etc. My favorites are the new syntax for definingĀ classesĀ  and modules.

PS, the blog author Ariya HidayatĀ is a topnotch developer – he wroteĀ esprima.js which is to date, the most commonly used JavaSript parser in JavaScript in the world, and yes, the live html/css js code editor LIVEditor uses it to tokenize and parse JS šŸ™‚